The Teacher Librarian and Student Learning

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March 7, 2013 by patriciawhite84

It has been awhile since I last studied, but recently enough to have been able to utilise digital resources during my Bachelor of Education, such as ERIC and EBSCOHost. It wasn’t until I began filtering through the information for my most recent topic – Using Learning Tools, that I remembered all the late night study sessions and frantic last minute journal searches during my undergrad. I’m hoping I’ve matured enough to prioritise my time so this will not happen again!

I have grown up during the digital era, but it still amazes me how quickly information and access to it can evolve. The interconnectedness of all the different journal sites that CSU has access too is amazing. Even though I had access to online journals during my B.Ed, I had to spend time on each and every journal search engine to find appropriate references. The convenience of a ‘one stop shop’ will definitely help many who are time poor. Another tool that is new to me is the ability to create folders for searched items. This definitely would have been handy many many years ago! I think it is fantastic and I’ve already created several for topics that I know are coming up as well as my own points of interest.

I just want to finish off with this YouTube video I came across. Produced by Washington Library Media Association, it almost made me cry – how these teachers are so passionate about their profession inspires me grow and learn further to actively be part of this exciting change in school libraries.


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