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March 7, 2013 by patriciawhite84

Forums are a place of reflection and discussion. Most recently I felt the need to discuss my post regarding Shatzkin 2013 trends. Questions were raised as to how libraries can progress when there isn’t equality amongst schools and whether education was for those that could afford it.

These views have merit. All children have the right to a great education and a great education comes from passionate educators and fantastic resources, which unfortunately comes at a price. This is why evidence-based practice is important for school libraries. As Loertscher and Todd (2003) discuss “many school administrators, school boards and parent communities are looking for tangible, documented evidence of the impact of their library on student learning”(p. 20). Yes there will be equity issues as there has always been throughout history. The effects of socio-economic status and the links to education are not new. What is new is the amount of free information and resources that are available thanks to the internet and as TLs it is our role to filter through the masses to offer the best possible resources for our students. To achieve this we must collaborate with classroom teachers and school administration to increase their understanding of our role and how as a team we can support student learning. Essentially, in this information age of learning it is up to the Teacher Librarian to “transform the school into an inquiry community” (Kuhlthau, Maniotes, & Caspari, 2012, p.15), because no one else will.

Kuhlthau, C. C., Maniotes, L. K., & Caspari, A. K. (2012). Guided inquiry design: A framework for inquiry in your school. Santa Barbara: Libraries Unlimited.

Loertscher, D. V., & Todd, R. J. (2003). We boost achievement: Evidence-based practice for school library media specialists. Salt Lake City: Hi Willow Research & Publishing.


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