Shatzkin 2013 Trends Reflection

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March 3, 2013 by patriciawhite84

For a long time I resisted the e-book. There is nothing that can compare to that new book feel and smell. Also there is the pride of having a personal library that shows off your reading conquests. However, books take up space – a luxury I could no longer afford! So I borrowed my mother’s Kindle to “give it go” and I’m so glad I did. I love it for so many reasons and hate it for one reason only; batteries die at the most inconvenient times! I don’t believe Shatzkin‘s 2013 trend for a decrease in digital sales is entirely true. As school libraries progress, digital resources will continue to grow and expand. As more students swap the physical for the digital, the initial benefits that come to mind are no heavy text books to carry home, no more shelving and book covering (that’s a big plus) and no more waiting for a reserved book to be returned.

With that being said, Shatzkin‘s trend that non-immersive books will lag in digital translation is very apt.  I don’t see a place for digital picture books for the junior years in primary schools. There are so many educational elements that children develop through picture books that can’t be substituted by digital means. This is also the case for senior schools with high imagery and text resources, at least with e-ink technology that is.  It may be that these resources are more suited to an interactive platform on tablets. So rather than students swapping textbooks between classes they will be swapping between e-readers and tablets – still a more compact solution.


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