The Changing Information and Library Landscape

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March 1, 2013 by patriciawhite84

Libraries evolved from the needs of society. As societal demands change, the information and library landscapes must change too. Consequently, information professionals will need to be critical and creative thinkers to adequately offer solutions to ensure these societal needs are met. I know that this is where many information professionals start to pull out their hair – there is no straight forward solution that will benefit all. Many face excess budget cuts impacting on staffing and resources, whilst others have a lack of community support resulting in the closure of many local libraries.

But I believe that these are opportunities to think outside the box.  Information professionals are called that for a reason.  Information is always growing, so too should the professional. Therefore professional development should be paramount. They already have the knowledge, experience and tools available to digitally search for alternative solutions and ideas, but first they must identify what the needs of their community are. Through collaboration with other industry bodies, community members and fellow professionals, I believe successful solutions can be created. What better way to prove the worth of these professionals than by showing what they are capable of.


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