Orientation Time


February 25, 2013 by patriciawhite84

Hi there and welcome to my first confession! I began this blog for my Masters of Education (Teacher Librarianship) course at Charles Sturt University. Yes I’m nervous about going back to study but I am really looking forward to where this will take me. By using this online setting, I will be able to share and reflect upon current research and trends that impact on libraries world-wide.

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure to meet some of my fellow students and the tutors for my course. We are all studying via distance education and it was intriguing to hear other people’s backgrounds and their thoughts and insights on the current state of school libraries. Although I’m not currently working in a library, I have grown up in them – as a child for reading corners at the local library, as a library monitor whilst at school, to late night study sessions at uni and most importantly as the daughter of a Teacher Librarian.

Now we all know that a school library is not just about the books anymore. It is transforming into an intricate resource hub. Many schools are already embracing this revolution, but there are still lots to follow. I hope that the new recruits, myself included, can work and train together to help push the revolution forward and see to it that all children can benefit from the 21st Century Library.


4 thoughts on “Orientation Time

  1. Gail says:

    I think the title of your blog is very apt – it not only reflects on literature but also gives a nod to the emotions in Guided Inquiry, two large aspects of a Teacher-Librarians profession.

  2. Barbara Combes says:

    Hi Trish, A lovely clean looking blog, that is easy to read. The use of a darker text on a white background also makes for better readability. One thing to think about with the colour of the blue backround is colour-blindness. This is one of the crieteria that Web access for the disabled considers since 25%+ of the population suffer from red-blu and red-green colour-blindness. These people see a muddy brown instead of colour. In this case, the blue may make it difficult to read the dark grey headings on the site. These are things to consider when designing on the Web. Overall, a great start. 🙂 BC

  3. Barbara Combes says:

    PS Apologies for the typos. I hit the send button without proofreading, which is not good modelling. 😐 BC

  4. Trish says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for checking my site. When I put it together I had thought that the contrast was significant enough, but I had not checked it. I used this link;


    to check my rating and achieved 5.44:1 for the blue background (#B6E1E2) and the dark grey text (#535353) which passes at the WCAG AA level. It would also pass at the AAA level if I was able to increase my font size from 16px to 18px. However, as this is a free theme I have limited customization. This also means that the lighter grey hover colour (#999999) does not pass the contrast rating. Knowing my limitations with the accessibility of the site, do you think I should try and find a different free theme? Or can I leave it as is because I know how my site could improve if I had the ability to?

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